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Danny Berry's  provides the ideal setting for a youngster's initiation into the National Pastime in a "no pressure" fun filled atmosphere. One of South Florida's most popular youth coaches, Danny Berry creates a world of fun for boys, girls and adults through a wide variety of leagues, clinics and baseball programs. Games are played on six manicured baseball fields that are located at the Dave & Mary Alper Jewish Community Center.  The program is open to everyone regardless of race, religion or gender./strong


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May 07,2020

Which Type of Bat Is Right?

The bat chosen for a child will factor heavily into how they develop their swing. Hence, it’s worth taking the time to determine which one is best suited for them.

May 05,2020

A Pair of Tips for Better Coaching

Coaches at all levels of youth know they are role models in the lives of their players and a profound sense of accomplishment can come from this. In fact, coaches can help players develop their skills in only a matter of moment...

Apr 29,2020

Simple Batting Drills to Do at Home

If you can’t visit the batting cages because of social distancing and so many parks being closed, there are a few simple baseball hitting drills you can do at home, all aimed at improving a youngster’s skills at hitting the ball.

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SUNILAND FIELD 2 (10:41 AM | 01/30/17)

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Field 2 (10:41 AM | 01/30/17)

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Field 3 (08:14 AM | 02/18/18)

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Hammocks (08:17 AM | 02/18/18)

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Field 2 (08:31 AM | 02/18/18)

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