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May, 2020

A Pair of Tips for Better Coaching

That said, occasionally coaching baseball for young people can be difficult. Without the right equipment, practices can easily get out of control, concentration among players becomes tougher, and youth who would otherwise enjoy it can undervalue the baseball game.

A key component in a youth baseball game is to come in with the right expectations. Making them too high means greater odds of disappointment which the players will notice. Too low expectations could mean bored players or ones that aren’t being sufficiently challenged.

Along with expectations, the right attitude is crucial. For one, honesty is key. Young ones are adept at noticing lies. If a coach isn’t excited about the game, the kids will notice. If the game was not up to par don’t try and say otherwise. Mention it but be understanding and cautious of doing so constructively without criticizing.

This update is by Danny Berry Baseball. Danny Berry provides an ideal setting for a youngster's initiation into the classic sport of baseball in an atmosphere designed to be fun and free of pressure. As a popular South Florida youth coach, Danny Berry strives to create a world of fun for boys, girls, and adults through a broad array of leagues, clinics, and baseball programs. For more information on Danny’s  baseball summer clinic Miami, please call 305-281-0961.

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