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May, 2020

Which Type of Bat Is Right?

Wood and metal bats are common, with the former being the most common. However, metal may hold back the growth of your team. Metal bats can make up for poor technique, and their super-sized sweet spots can turn out to hits. Metal may make it harder for children to figure out what areas of their swing need work.

A wood bat is ideally balanced and correctly weighted, which is key to practicing proper swing and perfecting it. Wood bats help young players do more than just come into contact with the ball — they help children practice the simple mechanisms to generate powerful, consistent swings. Wood bat practice allows them the chance to collaborate with their baseball coach before they continue competing competitively at higher levels to address those issues.

Another thing to take into account is the weight. A heavy bat may lead to shoulder dropping and turning the wrist, contributing to slow bat speed and poor ball contact. Swinging a too hard bat can prevent players from practicing the correct swing technique that comes by using a wood bat. On the other hand, it also stops little ones from creating a strong swing with a bat that is too soft, which is the case for most metal bats.

This update is by Danny Berry Baseball. Danny Berry provides an ideal setting for a youngster's initiation into the classic sport of baseball in an atmosphere designed to be fun and free of pressure. As a popular South Florida youth coach, Danny Berry strives to create a world of fun for boys, girls, and adults through a broad array of leagues, clinics, and baseball programs. For more information on Danny’s baseball summer clinic Miami, please call 305-281-0961.

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