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Apr, 2020

Simple Batting Drills to Do at Home

Little sluggers often have a problem where they swing in an uppercut motion, not unlike that of a golf swing. To fix this, set up as normal a tee, then use another tee and position it about one foot-and-a-half behind the other. The back tee will be about 6 inches above the front tee. The goal is to swing over the back tee and strike only the front tee. Continue practicing this swing until the child can regularly swing over the back tee and hit the front tee ball.

Have some old tires lying around? Batters must remain within the batter's box while swinging to remain balanced. Try this exercise to ingrain the habit of remaining in the box: place a pair of tires side by side, and make the batter stand in each tire with one foot. This lets the batter get the feeling of being in the box. Hitters may either hit a tee or by throwing the ball into the air. The key is for both feet, especially the front foot, to remain in the tire as the batter swings.

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