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Apr, 2020

Choosing the Ideal Bat

A common thing to do is to have the child hold the bat with their arm outstretched to see if they can manage the weight of the bat for x amount of seconds. While not necessarily a bad idea, it may not be the wisest way to go about it.

Arguably the most unbiased method of assessing a bat is to measure its exit speed off the bat when a tee is hit. The tee is required because it removes the element of bad pitches or tosses. Of course, measuring the exit velocity will involve the use of a tool such as a radar gun. Thankfully, there are solutions such as baseball radar guns sold at sporting goods store. Another benefit of using the exit velocity approach is it allows you to determine which team bat works best among the team players.

The optimum bat may be the one that has the highest average exit speed. Make sure the child tries plenty before making the final decision.

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