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Mar, 2020

Easy Baseball Drills to Do at Home

Perhaps the simplest of drills just about anyone regardless of skill level can do is play catch. A game of catch, especially younger children, can help tremendously with improving their physical coordination, dexterity, and even their confidence.

In baseball, being able to catch the ball and throw it quickly to the next player is essential. With that in mind, a game of hot potato catch can help. Depending on the age of the people you’re playing with, you should stand about thirty feet apart or so with the legs spread apart in a sort of guarding position. While keeping the feet still, begin tossing the ball back and forth with the goal of not so much “catching” the ball but instead stopping it and immediately using the throwing hand to toss it back as though it were indeed a very hot potato. Swiveling the upper body is okay but again, the feet should not move.

This update is by Danny Berry Baseball. Danny Berry provides an ideal setting for a youngster's initiation into the classic sport of baseball in an atmosphere designed to be fun and free of pressure. As a popular South Florida youth coach, Danny Berry strives to create a world of fun for boys, girls, and adults through a broad array of leagues, clinics, and baseball programs. For more information, please call 305-281-0961.

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